Omaha SSUG – April 2019 Meeting

Our April meeting features Vicky Harp from Microsoft.

Introduction to SQL Notebooks
Microsoft has recently released the first public preview of SQL Notebooks, which represent an entirely new and exciting way to interact with your data. Notebooks are combinations of human readable contents, SQL code, and resultsets that are saved in a standard file format for simple source control and sharing. Come get a look at this new way of working and learn how you can start using them immediately.

Vicky Harp leads program management for the SQL Server tools team at Microsoft.

We will have food available between 5:30 and 5:45.

We will be meeting at Nebraska Furniture Mart offices, 808 S 74th Plaza, Omaha, NE 68114 (just northwest of 72nd & Pacific, north of Subway)

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Omaha SSUG – Feb 2018 Meeting

Our February meeting features Eric Rubeck, one of our very own user group members!

Row Level Security
SQL Server 2016 added a new security feature called Row Level Security, which sounds neat and straightforward but as with most new features has some gotchas swimming below the surface. I’ll walk you through a more real-world example of implementing this shiny new toy and try to answer questions you might have about whether or not it would fit in your environment.

Database Administrator / Database Developer / Data Gopher that has done a little bit of a lot of things. I’m super interested in data lakes and neutral towards water lakes. I’d tell you where to find me on social media, but my 7 or so tweets aren’t that interesting.

We will have food available between 5:30 and 5:45.

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Omaha SSUG – April 2017 Meeting

Pyramid Analytics’ industry-leading Modern BI platform balances IT control and business user success. It offers enterprise capabilities such as advanced data modeling, self-service data discovery, interactive dashboards, and narrative reporting on any device. Here’s what makes Pyramid Analytics unique:

  • A true analytics platform that combines the security and stability of IT governance with the flexibility and utility of user-driven analysis
  • A scalable platform that supports the volume and variety of data, subject areas, and users across the enterprise
  • The BI Office collaboration engine lets users share analysis, comments, and context to bring the power of the collective to every decision
  • Enterprise-grade, role-based security that enables the right access for the appropriate audiences across the platform – even down to the cell level of content
  • Merging advanced visuals and powerful analytics provides real-world utility, and gives users the power to answer challenging organizational questions.

Hear about these unique capabilities as well as Pyramid’s integration with Power BI.

Andrew Mauch

Andrew is a results oriented sales and management professional striving to help companies unlock the power of their data.  Andrew has spent several years managing a consulting organization that built custom BI solutions from the Microsoft platform.  Seeing how companies often struggled with BI, Reporting and Analytics, led him to join Pyramid Analytics.  BI Office is where BI is made simple, putting the power of Analytics in the end user’s hands with the governance of IT.

Pyramid Analytics

Food will be served 15-20 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.

SQL Certification Training Opportunity


MCSA: SQL Server 2012 Boot Camp 6445N

Lincoln SQL Server User Group is happy to be working with Global Knowledge to bring a SQL Server MCSA Bootcamp to Lincoln Nebraska! We are on a short timeline to get paid attendees so please act quickly. This boot camp is being customized to concentrate each four day training period on one of the three exams. This package is more than just training, but includes the exam fees, study materials, a year of access to training and labs as well as free retake of the course itself. See below for details.

Tailored Schedule: 3 four day training sessions

Hours: 1:00pm to 9:00pm


There is a minimum class size of 7 and we must cancel this offering on May 16th if we do not have enough students. So please respond quickly if you wish to attend.


Max Class Capacity 16


·         Tuesday June 14th through Friday June 17th 2016

·         Tuesday July 19th through Friday July 22nd 2016

·         Tuesday August 16th through Friday August 19th 2016


Cost: $6000 all-inclusive for up to 16 attendees.


Payment options: Credit Card or PO with Global Knowledge


To register and get payment information call

John Danley

President Lincoln SQL Server User Group



Location: Ameritas 5700 O Street, Lincoln, NE


Microsoft Exclusives

·         12 months of anytime access to your course labs and lab environment

·         12 months of 24/7 access to mentoring via chat, email and phone

·         12 months of on-demand access to indexed, searchable recordings of your Virtual Classroom or Virtual Classroom Fit class

·         12 months of unlimited retakes of your class

·         30 days of access to the online Microsoft Press E-Reference Library, including all training kits, exam references, and rapid review books

·         30 days of access to a recommended Microsoft reading List designed by our instructors, including topics and chapters within the Microsoft Press E-Reference Library

·         12 months of access to certification practice exams from Transcender that provide realistic Microsoft exam simulations in online and downloadable versions

·         12 months of access to recorded “Power Hours” – an online review session covering key exam objectives conducted by our expert instructors – for each exam


Course Overview


Gain the database-related skills required for the latest Microsoft certifications through this broad and extensive hands-on training experience. This Boot Camp features an online study program and a choice of delivery methods to suit your learning style preference.


In this accelerated learning environment, you will build your skills and prepare for the MCSA: SQL Server 2012 certification exams. This extended-hours boot camp led by senior Global Knowledge instructors includes targeted lectures using Microsoft Learning recommended content as well as twelve months of access to more than 40 hands-on remote labs.


This boot camp includes all the exam vouchers required for certification, along with one free retake voucher if needed. It also includes access to our Microsoft Boot Camp Exclusives, providing indispensable certification exam prep.


This course incorporates content from Microsoft Official Courses (MOC):

·         Querying Microsoft SQL Server (M20461)

·         Administering Microsoft SQL Server Databases (M20462)

·         Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server (M20463)

Note: Microsoft Learning recommends the above courses, which use SQL Server 2014 for preparation for the following MCSA exams that reference SQL Server 2012. Microsoft Learning has no plans to update the MCSA: SQL Server 2012 exams to SQL Server 2014. All the exam skill objectives, however, are covered in the latest courseware as designed. Please see for certification details.


You Will Prepare for These Exams:

·         70-461: Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012

·         70-462: Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases

·         70-463: Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012


Typical Attendees:

·         IT professionals with at least two years of hands-on experience implementing and administering database systems

·         Database administrators, systems engineers, systems analysts, and technical consultants who want to prepare for their MCSA: SQL Server 2012 credential in an accelerated format



Querying Microsoft SQL Server (M20461)

Lab 1: SQL Server 2014 Tools

Lab 2: Transact-SQL Querying

Lab 3: Write Basic SELECT statements

Lab 4: Query Multiple Tables

Lab 5: Sort and Filter Data

Lab 6: Work with SQL Server 2014 Data Types

Lab 7: Modify Data using DML

Lab 8: Built-In Functions

Lab 9: Group and Aggregate Data

Lab 10: Subqueries

Lab 11: Table Expressions

Lab 12: Set Operators

Lab 13: Use Window Ranking, Offset, and Aggregate Functions

Lab 14: Pivot and Group Sets

Lab 15: Execute Stored Procedures

Lab 16: Program with T-SQL

Lab 17: Implement Error Handling

Lab 18: Implement Transactions

Lab 19: Improve Query Performance

Lab 20: Query SQL Server Metadata


Administering Microsoft SQL Server Databases (M20462)

Lab 1: Use SQL Server Administrative Tools

Lab 2: Install SQL Server 2014

Lab 3: Manage Database Storage

Lab 4: Back Up SQL Server Databases

Lab 5: Restore SQL Server 2014 Databases

Lab 6: Import and Export Data

Lab 7: Monitor SQL Server 2014

Lab 8: Trace SQL Server Workload Activity

Lab 9: Manage SQL Server Security

Lab 10: Audit Data Access and Encrypting Data

Lab 11: Perform Ongoing Database Maintenance

Lab 12: Automate SQL Server Management

Lab 13: Monitor SQL Agent using Alerts and Notifications


Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server (M20463)

Lab 1: Exploring a Data Warehousing Solution

Lab 2: Planning Data Warehouse Infrastructure

Lab 3: Implementing a Data Warehouse

Lab 4: Implement Data Flow in as SSIS Package

Lab 5A: Implementing Control Flow in an SSIS Package

Lab 5B: Using Transactions and Checkpoints

Lab 6: Debugging and Troubleshooting an SSIS Package

Lab 7: Extracting Modified Data

Lab 8: Loading a Data Warehouse

Lab 9: Cleansing Data and Deduplicating Data

Lab 10: Implementing Master Data Services

Lab 11: Using Custom Scripts

Lab 12: Deploying and Configuring SSIS Packages

Lab 13: using a Data Warehouse